Truck Hire

Taranaki Relocations Truck Rentals

Approximately one in two people who are relocating, with the help of friends and family, choose to shift independently.

While it may, at face value, seem the easier, more cost-effective option for many, without the professional lifters, the right vehicle and the proper equipment, a D.I.Y. shift can be a hazardous venture – potentially resulting in property damage or personal injury.

Despite the increased risks, D.I.Y. moves remain a popular choice and so we decided to do everything we could - providing the necessary resources and the right advice – to support those embarking on their own relocation. In 2013, we purchased Cross Country Rentals Taranaki Limited, which we have since named Taranaki Relocations Truck Rentals- handily located adjacent to our Taranaki Relocations office.

Previously, the reputable Cross Country Rentals had operated successfully for more than 20 years, so we’ve stuck with the winning formula and changed very little in how we operate. Currently, we’re the only local removal company to offer the D.I.Y. option to our customers. Our point of difference is that we’re able to offer you a real comparison of the merits of using your mates versus professionals. There’s advantages and disadvantages to both and we want our clients to make an informed choice.

Unlike trucks that can be sourced elsewhere, our sturdy vehicles are fitted out to secure furniture. We currently offer professional trucks of three sizes:

? 12m3 (cubic metres) can drive on a full car licence
? 20m3 (cubic metres) can drive on a full car licence
? 30m3 (cubic metres) requires class 2, heavy traffic licence

Our vehicles are carefully priced, based on the following:
? What size vehicle you require
? How far you’re travelling
? How many days you require the vehicle for
? The day of the week you’re hiring

Due to the fact our trucks are in highest demand between Friday and Monday, we offer competitive deals for our clients moving during the week.

Road worthy and legal, every one of our vehicles are thoroughly checked daily and serviced regularly. In the unlikely event of a breakdown or puncture, we have access to a 24 hour call out service throughout the North Island.

As a reputable vehicle hire business, we’re accredited by the NZ Transport Agency with a Rental Services licence. When renting a vehicle to one of our customers, there are a number of rules and laws we must strictly adhere to. We’re happy to answer any questions you have regarding our terms of hire.

If you’re considering relocating and want to discuss your options, we always offer free advice, so give us a call!