Frequently Asked Questions


When will I receive your quote?

We always aim to send you a written quotation within 48 hours of making our assessment.

We’ve sold our current home but we’re unsure where we’ll be moving. Should we get a quote from you now or wait until we know our new address?

There’s no need to wait. The cost of moving is made up of several parts – packing, storage, shipping etc. We’re happy to pop in, when it’s convenient for you, to survey and discuss your requirements. This will only take 20 minutes of your time. If, closer to the date, you need to make any changes to your original quote, we’re happy to discuss and adjust this for you.


How much will it cost?

Our removal quote is based on the volume, man-power, truck access, the travel involved and whether any particular items of yours require additional wrapping or handling.

I need to move locally and I currently have access to my new home a week or two before I need to vacate my current house. Is there anything I can do to make my move cheaper?

Absolutely. We’re frequently booked out on Fridays and Saturdays so that’s increased our operational costs on weekends. If it’s convenient for you, we’re happy to move you during the week or back-to-back with another removal in the district, on a quieter day for us. Just give us a call and we’ll sort something for you!

Your quote is cheaper than the others we have. Why?

There’s a number of possible reasons for this. We’re a small, locally owned company with lighter overheads. We have associations with larger, international removal businesses, therefore we can bulk purchase our packaging materials.

Your quote is more expensive than the others, why?

The others may not have accounted for every item to be moved or they might not have allocated the necessary resources to ensure a safe and efficient relocation. We’d be more than happy to discuss and compare the different quotes with you.

We’ve been given a quote to move on an ‘unsighted hourly rate’ so we won’t know the total cost until after the move. What’s the advantage of having a fixed price?

We personally believe hourly rates don’t give you an accurate idea of your moving costs. Many factors can lead to a move taking longer than planned – the weather, truck access, truck size and staff availability, to name a few!

Our job is to make your big move as efficient and stress-free as possible – at an affordable rate you’re happy with! We love nothing more than receiving return business and positive feedback from our happy clients!


What happens if there’s bad weather on the day of our move?

We’ll take all practical steps to protect your precious belongings from the elements. We’ll plastic wrap all of your soft furnishings, put carpet protection down on floors and we’ll even call in additional staff if needed.

I haven’t used a removal company before. How do I know you’ll look after my things?

All of our staff are trained to the highest possible standard – something we’re very proud of. We complete an average of 20 moves per week and we have an excellent reputation for breakage-free removals.

We personally guarantee to every customer that our trusted, tightknit team will complete their move promptly, with absolutely no damage to their belongings. We’ll never use contractors or temporary staff so you can be sure you’ll receive first class service, every time.


We’re moving house on the same day as the settlement for our new home. What happens if we can’t move in straight after loading? Will we be charged extra for waiting time?

Typically, once we’ve loaded, if settlement has not been made, we’ll head back to base to continue with other work so we can utilise our time while we wait for the keys. Once you’ve received confirmation, we can then begin unloading your belongings into your new home.

What time will you be starting our move?

As a general rule, we aim to be onsite between 9.00 – 9.30am but this can vary depending on the location, the number of items we’re moving and your individual requirements. Our early morning starts mean we can ensure the team is thoroughly informed of your expectations, we can arrange all the equipment we’ll need and also allow school traffic to subside.

Do you work weekends?

Yes. We work most Saturdays but usually have Sundays off for legal reasons and a much needed rest for our team after a very physical week!

We’ve sold our house and the new owners are moving in at lunchtime on move day. We’ll need to spend a couple of hours cleaning before we can hand over. Can you have everything loaded in time?

Yes. While it does depend on the size and specific requirements of your move, if you tell us early on, we’ll have ample time to prepare. If it’s convenient for you, we can come in, the day before you move, and preload non-essential items that aren’t required overnight and return the following morning to complete the loading. This allows you more time for tidying up and handover. If you need a hand finding a reputable cleaner, we can help there too!

How much notice do we need to give you to book in?

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use contractors. Our own team conduct all of our moves, so we appreciate as much notice as possible.


Do you sell cartons?

Yes. If you book and pay for your move on acceptance of our quote, we’ll provide all your packaging needs free of charge! We only provide specialist removal cartons for our packaging to keep your possessions super safe.

We are unsure if we will be able to have everything packed up in time, what can I do?

Our team promptly pack up homes every day. We’re efficient and knowledgeable about everything that’s required, so save yourself the stress and leave the packing to us! If you’ve packed the majority and just need a hand finishing off, let us know and we can send someone in before the truck arrives or even the day before.

Do I need to empty my drawers of clothes?

Generally, we’d suggest you leave your clothes in your drawers as this minimises volume, however, it depends on the access – we may need to carry some items on an angle. When we pop round to see what will be required, we’re happy to give you advice on these sorts of things.

What items are you not allowed to move?

Our vehicles aren’t licensed to carry dangerous goods, which would deem your insurance void.
We cannot move items such as gas cylinders (unless purged - with a purging certificate), petrol oils, paints, aerosol canisters displaying ‘flammable’ signs, ammunition, fireworks and animals. Feel free to call us to query any items you’re unsure of.

When do you come in to do the packing?

We would normally come in the day before, to pack items not required for the overnight stay.
But the number of packing days required depends on the size of your consignment.


Will you be able to get your large truck up our driveway?

We have a huge range of trucks so we can select the most appropriate for your move. If we’ve already surveyed your personal effects, we’ve most likely already considered your access for both pick-up and delivery.

If you’re moving out of town, we have numerous contacts around the country that can offer advice, so if a smaller vehicle is required, we would’ve already accounted for this. Any hidden charges added by some in the industry, for transhipping with another vehicle, would not exist in our case.

Will you need to put my belongings onto another vehicle after loading?

No. It’s our preference to only handle your possessions once – this prevents any possible disruption to the load or any possible damage. Each job is different so whoever you choose to move you, make sure you discuss their procedure.

How big are your trucks?

Our trucks vary in size. Our largest vehicle is approximately 4 metres high, 2.4 metres wide, 12 metres long - roughly the same size as a double-decker bus!


Will your guys put everything where I want them?

Yes - most definitely! We endeavour to place your belongings in their original room groups or wherever you prefer in your new home.

What happens after you have unloaded?

Our staff will then unwrap all goods packaged for transit, carefully reassemble your beds and any other items we’ve taken apart. All you’ll need to do is put your sheets on the bed and enjoy your first night in your new home!

We know moving day can be stressful so while unloading, our first priority is to have the kettle unpacked and a chair handy, so you can sit and relax! Once unloading is complete, we make sure you’re satisfied with where everything is placed so you can then settle in and enjoy your new home.

What do we do with all of our cartons?

Call us and we’d be most grateful to come and collect all your packaging – free of charge! We can recycle this material at our depot.


Where will my goods be stored?

We’re located at 33 Atiawa Street, Glen Avon, New Plymouth. Fully alarmed and monitored by Chubb Security, our vermin-proof warehouse - which has new steel cladding and was reroofed in 2008 - has been divided into separate modules for each consignment.

In all cases, before we load your effects from residence to store, we take inventory of all your items so you’ll have a list of what’s in storage.

What happens if I need to get something out of storage?

We’ll arrange for you to go into our warehouse. You will, however, need to give us some notice of this so we can arrange a staff member to accompany you – for both security and health and safety reasons. If, at the time we’re loading, you’re aware of an item you’ll need in the near future, let us know and we’ll make it easily accessible in store. This helps minimise our time spent unstacking and re-stowing your consignment, therefore saving you money.

Domestic / Long Distance

We’re moving to the South Island and may need help shipping some items overseas. Can Taranaki Relocations help or are you only a local company?

Certainly. We can move your belongings anywhere in the world! We have access to both linehaul and international resources, including completion of all the formalities of international shipments.

How will Taranaki Relocations handle my move within the North Island?

When moving house lots within the island, we aim to have our same guys load and unload your belongings into your new home. This allows for full transparency of where items should be placed. There’s also less chance of any issues arising since we’re present for your complete move.

What would your transit time be if you were to move me out of town – from when you pick up my effects to when they’re delivered?

For out of town moves, our team will load in the morning, and during the afternoon, they’ll travel to the destination. Our staff will be onsite first thing the next morning, ready to unload into your home.

Small Lots

My daughter’s moving to Auckland to further her education and she’s only taking a small amount of things. Can you help?

Most definitely. Most weeks, we travel to Auckland and Wellington and we’re often looking out for top-up loadings. If you’re flexible with times, we’re able to book you the space. In this case, we also offer discounted pricing to fill up our trucks.

Special Items

We own a spa pool and grand piano. How will you be able to move these items?

We have purpose-built shifting equipment designed to safely move these items, which also reduces our need to manhandle.

How will you look after my high value items?

When surveying what’s required, we make a list of all items you’d like us to ‘internationally wrap’ and anything we’d suggest you get additional packaging. In addition to wrapping these items, we use high grade furniture blankets that gives your belongings triple the protection when stowed away.

We have a lot of pot plants that need to come with us. Can you help?

Yes. We recommend you place your smaller pot plants in our cartons but don’t fold down the lid, so we can see what’s inside. We’ll blanket wrap larger pots and secure these at the end of the load.

Added Service

My parents are moving from their family home, which they’ve lived in for 20 years. They’re unable to move anything themselves. What can you offer?

We understand the sensitive nature of this type of move and as a smaller company, we’re more than happy to provide special services that larger competitors would reject. We can offer your parents a full packing service. Any items your parents no longer want, we can distribute to family or friends – anywhere in New Zealand or internationally. The remaining effects, we’re happy to take to the hospice or, if your parents prefer, they can store their surplus items in our storage warehouse. We can also offer your parents a full unpacking service, where we will unload their belongings into the cupboards and drawers of their choice. We can also arrange a house cleaner for your parents, should they need one.

What other services can Taranaki Relocations provide?

We can help with house cleaning (both at origin and destination) and a full unpacking service – unloading your items into the cupboards and drawers of your preference. We can transport your vehicles and your beloved pets and if you’re moving overseas, we can arrange you a lift to the airport.

When shall we book the cleaners to come in?

To allow the cleaners a free space to work in, we suggest you book either the day after we’ve loaded or as late as possible on loading day.


Do I really need to take out insurance?

This is always a difficult question to answer. We can assure you that we won’t pressure you to take out an insurance policy with Taranaki Relocations. We do suggest, however, that you make your current contents insurer aware of your plans and check that your specific policy covers your effects while in transit or storage.

If something is broken while being moved, will your insurance cover my effects?

In short – no, sorry. Taranaki Relocations offers all our clients an insurance package if desired. If this isn’t required, then ‘owner risk’ applies. Fortunately, we have an excellent reputation for our careful handling of our clients’ possessions, however, in the unlikely event of damage to property or buildings, as a limited liability company, we take out an extensive public liability cover.

What happens if something gets broken and we’ve taken out an insurance policy with you?

We do not self-insure but we’ll pass this onto our insurer who will see this process all the way through for you. Generally, we do not consider insurance to be our core business and so we prefer to leave this to the professionals. When considering which removal company to choose, make sure your find out their claims ratio. At Taranaki Relocations, we’re very proud our claims record and we’re more than happy to discuss this with you.


When do we need to pay for our move?

For local removals, our staff will present an invoice on completion. We accept payment by cheque, cash, credit card (MasterCard or Visa only), bank deposit or Eftpos in our office. For our long distance moves, payment on pick up is preferred.

Other Questions

What if I have questions that aren’t answered in this document?

If you’d like to discuss anything relating to your move, please get in touch with us.
Our contact details are:
Email: admin@taranakirelocations.co.nz
Web: www.taranakirelocations.co.nz
Phone: 0800 000 515 or 06 758 3070
Fax: 06 929 9821
Mobile: 027 230 5852 or 027 335 4104
Office: 33 Atiawa Street, Glen Avon, New Plymouth