When you’re relocating - whether it’s locally, across the country or overseas - it’s vital that you consider adequate contents cover, protecting against loss or damage. If you’re moving abroad, we’ve got connections aplenty and we’re more than happy to help you source a reputable insurer if needed.

We’re a small company, therefore, we don’t self-insure. If you’re moving locally or nationally, however, we can help you arrange an insurance policy through our local and reputable provider, McDonald Everest Insurance Brokers Limited.

If you’re currently covered, we recommend you confirm with your contents insurer that your policy covers your effects while in storage and transit.

If you choose to relocate without any contents coverage, then ‘owner risk’ applies. Fortunately, we have an excellent reputation for our careful handling of our clients’ possessions, however, in the unlikely event of damage to property or buildings, as a limited liability company, we take out an extensive public liability cover.

Please note that our vehicles aren’t licensed to cover dangerous goods, which could deem your insurance void. We cannot move items such as gas cylinders (unless purged - with a purging certificate), petrol oils, paints, aerosol canisters displaying ‘flammable’ signs, ammunition, fireworks and animals. Feel free to call us and query any items you’re unsure of.

Our drivers are extremely responsible when on the road but nevertheless, others do pose a risk. All of our vehicles are fully insured as a safeguard. We hope this information helps in making your insurance decision.