Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

When faced with a relocation, nearly 50% of people will ultimately choose to shift themselves. While it may seem the more cost effective choice, there’s unfortunately a significantly higher chance of damage and personal injury.

We can supply you the highest quality lifting gear and advise you on all you’ll need to know for your move day. We also operate a vehicle rental business, Taranaki Relocations Truck Rentals - adjacent to our Taranaki Relocations office. We can provide you a reliable truck - of ideal size and capability - fitted out to secure furniture.

If you’re relocating offices and needing to move a great deal of files, books or other items, which must be kept in sequence, our computer/library trollies are ideal! Especially useful if you have large volumes of resources, IT equipment or cartons to move, these trollies are designed to fit through doorways and can easily pivot on all four corners. When we relocated Taranaki Base Hospital, our computer/library trollies proved invaluable – allowing staff immediate access to files, instruments and general office equipment whenever needed. Well designed and fabricated with polyurethane wheels, these trollies are non-marking, quiet and can handle very heavy weights.

When you’re needing to move large volumes in a small timeframe, our platform trollies are a Godsend. Able to carry upwards of 30+ cartons at a time, these trollies also pivot or turn on each of the four corners. Designed and fabricated with polyurethane wheels to handle large amounts of weight, there’s no worries about these trollies leaving markings on lino or carpet floors.

If you need to move filing cabinets, credenzas, fridges, cartons, desks, or anything with a solid base, consider hiring one of our dollies. Dollies sit low to the ground so items can remain upright at all times while being transported. Extremely manoeuvrable and able to turn 360 degrees on the same spot with only one operator required, these light weight dollies are perfect for large or small scale moves. In an area congested with furniture and cartons, our trusty dollies take up very little space.

We conduct our daily removals using a variety of high-end equipment, including our very manoeuvrable steel frame trollies, our sack barrows and pallet jack trollies – to name a few!

If you need any advice or further details on the equipment we operate, and that which is available for hire, just give us a call!